Time to hit the road #vespa #special #vscoaward #vscocam
Abandoned Volkswagen t2.
Take a look a the Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.535571973160290.1073741827.135185753198916&type=1
Big summer swell in France, 2012! 

Aston Martin DB5
More https://www.facebook.com/zerofivephotography
912 by Andreas Strauch on Flickr.Nice setting and great car!
'69 Volkswagen T1 on Flickr.https://www.facebook.com/zerofivephotography
Ultimate surf classic on Flickr.www.facebook.com/zerofivephotography
T2b parked on a sunny French street on Flickr.


I can’t wait to get mine on the road!

The Mod generation on Flickr.
T2a parked at Las Ramblas on Flickr.